Posted by: matheuscmss | July 14, 2008

School and Workshop on Dynamical Systems at ICTP (Trieste, Italy)

Hi! Firstly, I would like to say that I didn’t posted anything during the last two weeks because I’m attending almost every lectures of the School and Workshop on Dynamical Systems at ICTP. Secondly, I got some good news: the topics covered by this conference are very interesting so that I’m planning to write a series of posts about the mini-courses of A. Avila, J. Bochi (on Lyapounov exponents), A. Navas, E. Ghys (on Group Theory via Dynamical Systems), and A. Gorodnik, V. Bergelson (on Ergodic theory, Combinatorics and Diophantine approximation), besides some material discussed in the lectures of C. ”Gugu” Moreira (about stable intersections of Cantor sets), G. Forni (about recurrence estimates for the Teichmuller flow), A. Gorodetski (about the dynamics of the standard map) and (perhaps) my own lecture (on the dynamics of a ”toy” model of Benedicks and Carleson for the so-called Henon attractor). Moreover, I hope to attend (during this week) the talk of E. Pujals about his proof (joint with S. Crovisier) of (a version of) Palis conjecture (for C^1-diffeomorphisms).

Of course, since the conference ends only at July 18, it is not clear that I’ll be able to post something this week also. But, I pretend to start the series of posts on this conference around Thursday (July 17).

I hope you enjoyed this avalanche of good news! See you later! ­čÖé

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