Posted by: matheuscmss | October 4, 2008

”Scientific thought is the common heritage of mankind”, Abdus Salam

My main motivation for my posts in this blog is certainly the exposition of mathematical topics of my own interest. In particular, I try to avoid the discussion of political issues here. However, two friends and Iranian mathematicians working in Brazil (Hossein Movasati and Ali Tahzibi) were unable to get short visa in order to take part into scientific activities (a conference in Germany and an one-year post-doc in France, resp.) due to the fragile political relationship between Iran and other countries. Of course, each country is free to control its borders, but in the specific case of these two mathematicians, we can clearly say that these decisions were completely arbitrary at least for two reasons:

  • both of them have permanent visa and job in Brazil (so that, as Hossein wrote in this post, they could prove that they are ‘good men’);
  • both of them had the support of the local mathematicians (German and French, resp.) for these scientific visits;

As Amie pointed out in this comment here, there are certainly stories of this flavor involving the US government, but I was shocked to heard Ali’s history because I was unaware of such positions from the French government (specially because I’m living in France now).

In any case, if you want to express your opinion on these shameful political decisions and/or share similar histories, I invite you to joint us in this blog

begun by Hossein and Ali. I hope we can succeed against this kind of arbitrary politicial decision which is so harmful for the scientific (and in particular mathematical) community. In this direction, Ali proposed here the interesting idea of asking some help of important mathematical organizations such as IMU (and TWAS perhaps).

Thanks in advance for any support you can give in this issue! I promise my next topic will be on Asaoka’s proof of Verjovsky conjecture! 🙂


  1. Dear Matheus,

    You have created a great virtual place. I did not know about it. I enjoyed its mathematical contents and hope you will continue.
    I also appreciate very much your sensibility of comprehension of our problem of visa.

    The bests,
    Ali Tahzibi

  2. I am from Colombia. I am a mathematician and this year I was in Iran. I was at IPM and the Iranian people is very nice. I learned mathematics (in particular representation theory) and several aspects of Iranian ancient culture, that is ancient culture of whole world. I am very sad by decision of France and Germany goverment.

  3. Great site! Congratulations

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