Posted by: matheuscmss | October 24, 2009

Le prix Fermat 2009

By taking a look at the French blog Images des mathématiques, I learned that Elon Lindenstrauss and Cédric Villani were awarded the 2009 edition of the Fermat prize. Below you can see a description of the prize (taken from Fermat prize page):

[Update (Oct. 28): Brief descriptions (in French) of the works of E. Lindenstrauss and C. Villani (also taken from Fermat prize page) were included]

The FERMAT PRIZE rewards research works in fields where the contributions of
Pierre de FERMAT have been decisive :

* Statements of Variational Principles
* Foundations of Probability and Analytical Geometry
* Number theory.

The spirit of the prize is focused on rewarding the results of researches accessible to the greatest number of professional mathematicians within these fields.

The amount of the Fermat prize has been fixed at 20 000 Euros. The FERMAT prize is
awarded once every two years in Toulouse ; the eleventh award will be announced in
October 2009.

Winners of the preceding editions: A. Bahri, K.A. Ribet (1989) – J.-L. Colliot-Thélène
(1991) – J.-M. Coron (1993) – A.J. Wiles (1995) – M. Talagrand (1997) – F. Bethuel,
F. Hélein (1999) – R. L. Taylor, W. Werner (2001) – L. Ambrosio (2003) – P. Colmez,
J.F. Le Gall (2005) – C. Khare (2007).


Le prix Fermat 2009 de Recherche en Mathématiques a

été attribué à :

Elon LINDENSTRAUSS (Princeton University)

pour ses travaux en théorie ergodique et leurs applications en théorie des nombres,

et à

Cédric VILLANI (ENS de Lyon)

pour ses contributions à la théorie du transport optimal et à l’étude des équations d’évolution non linéaires.

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