Posted by: matheuscmss | March 30, 2010

“Vers une vision globale des systèmes dynamiques”

Today I gave a general audience talk (whose title was the same of this post) about Dynamical Systems for the Matinée ChADoC at Collège de France. The basic idea was to reunite 6 PhD and pos-doc students from several knowledge areas (Chemistry, Anthropology, Biology, Indian History, Mathematics and French Literature) to give short talks (i.e., 25 minutes) about their respective research areas.

Remark. For those of you who are curious about the origin of the word ChADoC, I should say that its literal meaning is “Chercheurs Associés et Doctorants” (Associated Researchers and PhDs in a free translation), but actually it is a parody with the cartoon “Shadok” (of “theatre of absurd” style) of great success in France (during the sixties/seventies).

I believe that this matinée was a great opportunity to learn about nanotechnology and its applications, animal sacrifice rituals in Mexico, homeoproteins, Skandasvamin and the Indian history, and Marcel Proust work.

Finally, the slides of my talk (in French) are here. Of course, since it is the first time I try to write something in French, please don’t take my mistakes too seriously! 🙂

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