Posted by: matheuscmss | November 3, 2010

Manindra Agrawal and Carlos Gustavo (Gugu) Moreira share 2010 TWAS prize in Mathematics

Last October 18, 2010, the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) announced the 2010 TWAS prize winners. In the Mathematics section, the winners were Manindra Agrawal and Carlos Gustavo (Gugu) Moreira. For the prize citation of the Mathematics section, we can read “Agrawal is honoured for his discovery of a novel characterization of prime numbers leading to a deterministic and efficient way of testing primality of a number. Moreira is recognized for his fundamental contribution to the study of the interplay between fractal geometry and dynamical bifurcations“.

Of course, this prize citation includes the work of M. Agrawal, N. Kayal and N. Saxena (Annals of Math., 2004) presenting a rigorous and deterministic algorithm to decide primality of natural numbers (for a nice exposition on this subject see this post by Terence Tao), and the works of Gugu (Annales de l’IHP, 1996), and Gugu and J.-C. Yoccoz (Annals of Math. 2001 and Annales de l’ENS 2010) about the stable intersections of dynamically defined Cantor sets of the real line and persistence of tangencies after homoclinic/heteroclinic bifurcations (for an introduction to this last topic, but with an emphasis on more recent work by Gugu, see these posts here and here, for instance).

Finally, I take the opportunity to say: “Congratulations to M. Agrawal and my friend Gugu!”


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