Posted by: matheuscmss | April 20, 2013

Second Palis-Balzan International Symposium on Dynamical Systems & Workshop on Combinatorics, Number Theory and Dynamical Systems

It is a pleasure to announce that the websites of the following two conferences (that I’m helping to organize) are now open to online registration.

The Second Palis-Balzan International Symposium on Dynamical Systems is a part of Project Palis-Balzan – Dynamical Systems, Chaotic Behaviour-Uncertainty, sponsored by the Balzan Foundation, from the prestigious award conferred to Jacob Palis (and IMPA) by the Balzan Foundation in 2010 (with previous winners [in Mathematics category] including A. Kolmogorov, E. Bombieri, J.-P. Serre, A. Borel, M. Gromov and P. Deligne). This project is mainly coordinated by Jacob Palis and Jean-Christophe Yoccoz, and the organizing committee of the Second Palis-Balzan symposium consists of S. Crovisier, J. Palis, Jean-Christophe Yoccoz and myself.

We strongly recommend all potential participants of the Second Palis-Balzan symposium (and especially the ones in the Paris area) to register in the corresponding website: indeed, the staff of Institut Henri Poincaré informed that all conferences will be held in amphithéâtre Hermite whose maximum capacity is 150 persons; thus, it is important for us to have a vague idea of the total number of participants.

The Workshop on Combinatorics, Number Theory and Dynamical Systems is part of a thematic semester on Dynamical Systems to be held at IMPA from August to November 2013. The main organizers of this thematic semester are C. G. Moreira, E. Pujals and M. Viana, and they decided that each month of this semester will be dedicated to a specific topic in Dynamics. In particular, the month of August 2013 will focus on interactions between Combinatorics, Number Theory and Dynamics, and, after some mini-courses, we will have the workshop (organized by C. Mauduit, C. G. Moreira, Y. Lima, J.-C. Yoccoz and myself) mentioned above. Among the confirmed speakers, we have:

  • Boris Adamczewski
  • Pierre Arnoux
  • Tim Austin
  • Vitaly Bergelson
  • Julien Cassaigne
  • Alex Eskin
  • Sébastien Ferenczi
  • Albert Fisher
  • Bryna Kra
  • Yoshiharu Kohayakawa
  • Ali Messaoudi
  • János Pintz
  • Miguel Walsh
  • Barak Weiss
  • Maté Wierdl
  • Luca Zamboni

and we expect to confirm the participation of the following mathematicians:

  • Jean Bourgain
  • Yann Bugeaud
  • Hillel Furstenberg
  • Elon Lindenstrauss
  • Curtis T. McMullen
  • Peter Sarnak

I think that this is all I have to say about these conferences for now (but you can look at their respective webpages for updated information). See you! (in Paris or Rio)

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