Posted by: matheuscmss | May 12, 2014

Summer School on Dynamical Systems (2014) and Dynamics and Geometry in Teichmueller Spaces (2015)

It is a pleasure to announce in this short post the following two interesting forthcoming events in Dynamical Systems:

The first event is aimed at graduate students interested in learning some recent topics in Dynamics and also undergraduate students with some background in Dynamical Systems wishing to pursue her/his studies in Dynamics. The details for this event are being uploaded at the summer school webpage and the organizers (Vadim Kaloshin and Yuri Lima) will be happy to provide extra information for all potential participants.

The second event is a research conference around Teichmueller and moduli spaces from both the geometrical and dynamical points of view. The details for this conference are still being defined (as far as I know) and one is encouraged to write to the organizers (Pascal Hubert, Erwan Lanneau and/or Anton Zorich) for more informations.


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