Posted by: matheuscmss | October 4, 2017

Jean-Christophe Yoccoz mathematical archives

Almost one year ago, Yoccoz family gave me the immense honour of taking care of Jean-Christophe’s mathematical archives.

My general plan is to follow the same steps by Jean-Christophe when he became the responsible for Michel Herman archives, namely, I will make available at this webpage here all unpublished texts after selecting and revising them together with Jean-Christophe’s friends.

So far, the webpage dedicated to Jean-Christophe’s archives contains only an original text (circa 1986), a latex version of this text (typed by Alain Albouy, Alain Chenchiner, and myself), and some lecture notes taken by Alain Chenchiner of a talk by Jean-Christophe on the central configurations for the planar four-body problem.

Nevertheless, I hope that this webpage will be regularly updated in the forthcoming years: indeed, Jean-Christophe’s archives takes all cabinets and some corners of an entire office, and, thus, there is more than enough material to keep his friends occupied for some time. 😀

Closing this extremely short post, let me take the opportunity to announce also that Gazette des Mathématiciens (published by the French Mathematical Society) plans to publish in April 2018 a special volume (edited by P. Berger, S. Crovisier, P. Le Calvez and myself) dedicated to several aspects of Jean-Christophe’s mathematical life.


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